About MedixGlobal

Founded in 1999, MedixGlobal is an independent full service  research consultancy undertaking high-quality market research, and providing a full range of quantitative and qualitative market research methodologies. MedixGlobal provides services to a wide variety of fields: pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, healthcare management consultancies, academic and medical institutions

A leader in online research methodologies

MedixGlobal is a leader in online research methodologies and has been at the forefront of developing new techniques for undertaking research and data collection. Quantitative research is usually undertaken online using MedixGlobal’ own panels and software. CATI, face-to-face and group research can also be provided. Every survey is tailor-made to fulfil client needs and research objectives. Bespoke research solutions assist clients and our research team to achieve the research objectives and develop the right approach.

Quantitative and qualitative data

We provide access to very largest panels of respondents internationally and in the UK. Quantitative research surveys of between 50 and 1000 respondents are typically carried out in just a few days. Both quantitative and qualitative data are collected and interpretative and statistical analysis of results is available.




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